The Millennium (Part 1)

When Christ comes unexpectedly at the end of this Age, He will redeem his people from the Earth.
The dead in Christ will rise first followed by those who are alive in Christ. This is the first ressurrection and the rapture (or the Harvest) at the End of the Age.
Hence, all believers will be called up to be with Christ when he returns and they will remain with Him forever. (1Thess 4:17)
They will stand before The Judgment Seat of Christ and will reign with him for 1000 years in Heaven over the Nations on Earth and will be rewarded for the things that they have done in the Body.
When Christ returns with his army of Believers, he will defeat the Beast and the False Prophet and the Kings of the Earth. He will separate the nations into the Sheep and the Goats.
The Dead outside of Christ will not be raised until after the Millennium.
Satan is bound for the duration of the Millennium and then is released for a brief time before being thrown into to the Lake of Fire where the Beast and the Antichrist were thrown.
At the End of the Millennium, the Dead in Hades and the Sea will be raised for Judgment at the Great White Throne. Those whose names are not in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the second death.
Death itself is thrown into the Lake of Fire.
Finaly, when all things have been put under Christ’s feet, the Son hands the Kingdom back to the Father.
God then makes all things New.
The New Jerusalem descends from heaven as a Bride beautifully adorned for her husband.
God lives with Man on Earth in the New Jerusalem which is composed of New and Old Testament believers.
The Nations are outside but are allowed to bring their glory into the New Jerusalem once a year and are given the Leaves of the Tree of Life for healing.

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