The Millennium (Part 2)

The Bible begins and ends with God creating (or recreating) the heavens and the earth the way He intended it to be.
In the third chapter of the Bible (Gen 3), Satan enters to corrupt mankind and lead man away from God’s purposes.
Not surprizingly, it is in the third last chapter of the Bible (Rev 20) that Satan exits (he is thrown into the Lake of Fire along with Hades and death and all those whose names are not in the Book of Life).
In between the first three chapters and the last three chapters of the Bible, God sets about redeeming man and restoring man to his purposes and in so doing, brings Glory to Himself.
If Satan would like to remove one chapter from the Bible, it would be the third last one; the one in which he is judged and thrown into the Lake of Fire.
This is also the Chapter that deals with the Millennium. The Millennium reveals how God deals with His people and the People of the World (ie the Nations).
If Christians are to go to heaven after Christ returns, it will be during the Millennium.
It is during the Millennium that Christians are rewarded for the things that they have done in the body.
When Christ returns at the beginning of the Millennium, the Nations will be sorted into the Sheep (who were kind to God’s people) and the Goats (who persecuted God’s people).
At the End of the Millennium, all enemies are put under Christ’s feet and Jesus hands the Kingdom back to the Father.
God then lives with man in the New Jerusalem on a New Earth surrounded buy the Nations who refused the Mark of the Beast and were kind to God’s people during the Great Tribulation.

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